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Choosing a professional wedding photographer is not something that you do every day. Before you embark on this part of your wedding planning adventure it’s important to determine the qualities that help make the difference between a capable wedding photographer and an amazing wedding photographer. Not only is it important to feel good about a photographer’s portfolio but it’s also essential to feel comfortable and at ease with the photographer as a person. Remember, your wedding photographer will be intimately involved with most aspects of your day, the more at ease you feel as a couple, the more natural and beautiful moments your photographer will be able to take throughout your wedding day.


1. Practical On Site Experience to shoot Weddings

Make sure you look for someone who has specific experience in wedding photography. There is a large learning curve for someone who has only worked as an apprentice or solely works in a studio under controlled lighting conditions, either way, make sure they have photographed a handful of weddings on their own.

Working as a wedding photographer means more than capturing great photographs. It means having the ability to connect with the bride and groom, while capturing the essence of your day in an unobtrusive and creative way.


2. Credentials & Reviews

Check if they are they part of a professional network such as wedding vendors listing in local magazines, websites and/ or other wedding industry listings? What are past clients saying about working with them? You can look up reviews and testimonials on their sites and in sites like UrbanClap, Wedmegood and Google. Checking out reviews can often put your mind at ease when making the investment to hire an exceptional professional wedding photographer.


3. Equipment

Quality photography equipment is expensive and requires detailed knowledge. Experienced wedding photographers are prepared with backup equipment such as an extra camera body, multiple lenses, and additional flashes. Professional wedding photographers will be prepared with the appropriate equipment for various lighting scenarios. Make sure you ask your potential photographer about their experience shooting weddings with settings similar to what you are planning.


4. Quality Work Samples

When looking through a photographers portfolio, look for portraits that reflect the stylistic elements that you love. It’s important that you like their overall style of photography, and that you can envision yourself in their photos.

Full wedding galleries and albums of previous clients will also help give you a clearer sense of the final product.

Initially engaging the photographer to your engagement session is another great way to have professional photographs taken of you and your partner while getting to know your photographer’s style of shooting and warming up in front of the camera.
























5. Professional Attributes

Experienced wedding photographers who are reliable and respectful will be easier to work with and will probably be more interested in your personal needs as a couple. Would you prefer a photographer who gives a lot of direction, a photographer who is less obtrusive and more about capturing the day as it happens or would you prefer a little of both? Remember, your wedding photographer will be intimately involved with most aspects of your day; it’s important that you love their work and enjoy their personality.


6. Artistry

Photography is an art form. Just as painters and sculptors have their own individual styles and techniques, so do professional photographers. Experienced wedding photographers have developed preferences and methods for capturing each individual wedding with their personal artistic style, it’s all a matter of preference. The artistry shines through in the way they shoot, the locations that the photographer selects and in editing the final body of work.


7. Presence

You can tell a lot about a person from the attitude that shines through. Is your potential photographer welcoming and interested in what you have to say? Your wedding planning will be much easier if you select a professional photographer who carries an attitude that works with your own personality.

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